Tasktop provides several methods for troubleshooting your integration - from our easy to use Activity screen which outlines errors, past activity, and more to our Support and Usage Reports which can be used to troubleshoot issues with our support team and to help track Tasktop usage.  

Activity Screen

On the Activity Screen page, you can learn about:

  • Troubleshooting configuration and licensing issues
  • Understanding pending and processing activity
  • Reviewing and resolving errors
  • Tracking past activity

Specific Error Messages

On the Specific Error Messages page, you can:

  • Search for specific errors and review the steps to resolve them
  • Learn about in-application error messages

Support and Usage Reports

On the Support and Usage Reports page, you can:

  • Learn how to download Support and Usage Reports to help troubleshoot issues with Tasktop Support
  • Understand the contents of the Support and Usage Reports
  • Learn how Tasktop tracks usage information
  • Learn how to update your logging settings

Error Message Appendix

Our Error Message Appendix provides a complete list of error messages contained in Tasktop Integration Hub.  For information on how to resolve specific errors, please see the Specific Error Messages page, our FAQ, and our Connector Docs (for connector-specific errors).


Our Metrics Dashboard provides information on total artifacts created by Tasktop and total artifacts updated by Tasktop, along with a graphical view of the data over time.  The dashboard can be used to help troubleshoot Tasktop downtime.