You can access your License details by clicking the License tab on the Settings screen.

Click 'License' Tab

Under License, you can access:

  • License

Under General, you can access:

  • Configuration
  • Master Password Configuration
  • Storage Settings

Under Notifications, you can access:

  • Email Notifications

Under Troubleshooting, you can access:

  • Logging

Under Extensions, you can access:

  • Extensions
  • Key-Value Stores

Under Advanced, you can access:

  • Flow External Workflow Changes
  • Move Routes Between Integrations
  • Import Artifact Pair Information
  • Upgrade Backup Files


This feature is not applicable to Tasktop Cloud.

A license is required to run the application. Upon initial log-in, you will see that your product is currently un-licensed:

No License Set

Click Apply New License to enter your license.

The Master Password must be set and the License must be entered before the application can be used.

On the License panel, you will see the following information:

  • License Type
  • Description
  • Maximum Users
  • Created Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Issuer
  • Licensee

LIcense Information

You will also see a warning if your license is expired:

Expired License

Should your license expire, in addition to seeing a warning on the License screen, you'll also see that an issue is surfaced on the Activity screen:

Error Message - Expired License

When your license is expired, you can still navigate within the Tasktop UI, but your integrations will be stopped from running. Note that though they will still display the Run or Stopped state they were in at the time your license expired, no artifacts will process in an integration until a new license is applied.

(lightbulb) Note: Please consult your license agreement or contact your account representative if you have any questions about your license settings or usage policy.