Artifact Creation Flow


After saving your Work Item Synchronization, the next step is to configure Artifact Creation Flow.  Artifact Creation Flow specifies whether new artifacts will be created in one repository or in both.

Note that Artifact Creation Flow refers only to the creation of artifacts (as opposed to the updating of fields on those artifacts).  So for example, if you set up one-way artifact creation flow from Jira to ServiceNow, this means that when the integration is run, new or existing artifacts from Jira will create new artifacts in ServiceNow, but new or existing artifacts from ServiceNow will not create new artifacts in Jira.  

However, once a Jira artifact creates a target artifact in ServiceNow, if any updates are made to fields on the target artifact in ServiceNow, those updated fields could flow back over to Jira, based on the integration's field flow configuration.  So while the integration is not creating new artifacts in Jira, it can modify existing artifacts in Jira based on updates made to the corresponding artifacts in ServiceNow, depending on how the field flow has been configured in Tasktop.

Artifact Creation Flow

Field Flow


To configure Artifact Creation Flow, click the 'Artifact Creation Flow' link on the Integration Configuration screen:

Click 'Artifact Creation Flow'

This will lead you to the Artifact Creation Flow screen, where you will be able to select Two-way Creation (artifacts will be created in both collections to correspond to new and existing artifacts in the other collection), or One-way Creation (only one of the two repositories will have new artifacts created to correspond to new and existing artifacts in the other collection).

Artifact Creation Flow Screen

Click 'Save,' and 'Done.'  You will be brought back to the Integration Configuration screen.

Next Steps

Once you have completed your Artifact Creation Flow configuration, your next step will be to review your Field Flow.