Step 1: Connect to Your Repository

Types of Repositories

The first step to take when configuring an integration is to connect to your repository. Your repositories refer to the external tools that Tasktop will flow information between.

You can create two types of repository connections:

Standard Repository

Database Repository

Standard Repositories are available in all Editions.

Database Repositories are only available in Editions that contain the Enterprise Data Stream add-on. See Tasktop Editions table to determine if your edition contains this functionality.

A standard repository refers to an external tool, such as Jira or ServiceNow.

These are software lifecycle tools that contain artifacts, such as defects or requirements. 

A database repository refers to an external database, such as MySQL or Oracle.

Database repositories are used as part of the Enterprise Data Stream add-on.

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(lightbulb) Note: If you are creating a Gateway collection, for use with our Gateway add-on, no step needs to be taken on the Repository screen.