Advanced Configuration

Container Configuration

Tasktop is distributed with the Apache Tomcat Servlet Container

For information on configuring the container, refer to Apache Tomcat documentation

On Windows, configuration and log files are installed under C:\ProgramData\Tasktop while program files are located under C:\Program Files\Tasktop.

For information on configuring the service, refer to Apache Tomcat Service How to.

Further configuration, including JVM options and memory allocation, can be performed for the Windows service by launching Tasktop Properties located at C:\Program Files\Tasktop\container\bin\tasktopw.exe.

Increasing Available Memory

Beginning in Hub version 20.4, configurations are externalized from Tomcat, Jboss/Keycloak, and certain application properties in a single place. This allows you to use property files to override memory variables and custom system properties.

For more information on changing memory settings, please refer to the properties table.


Logging is configured with log4j2. See the included log4j2.xml to configure log levels, location, and rolling policy.

The included log4j2-troubleshooting.xml configures log4j2 for the troubleshooting log level when set via the Settings screen.