Intro to Tasktop Sync (HP ALM and JIRA)

Watch this video to discover how you can reduce manual effort and save time using Tasktop Sync. HP ALM and JIRA are just two of the many tools that can be integrated using Tasktop. 

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Upgrading Connectors in Tasktop Sync

Short demonstration of process to upgrade connectors in Tasktop Sync.

Tasktop Sync for iRise

Joint iRise and Tasktop webinar: 'An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure' which shows how user stories and interactive prototyping in iRise can be easily shared with Tasktop Sync for iRise

Tasktop Sync Demo - ServiceNow and TFS Integration

Short demonstration of Tasktop Sync integration between Microsoft TFS and ServiceNow

Tasktop Sync Demo - Synchronizing Rally and HP ALM Stories and Defects

Connecting Agile Teams to QA using Tasktop Sync - Rally and HP ALM. For more information, please see:

Tasktop Sync Demo - Microsoft TFS & ServiceNow

This demo shows how you can sync defects created in Microsoft TFS and ServiceNow with Microsoft VSO. Development teams can then see all defects in their tool of choice regardless of where they have come from. Developers can update the defects in Microsoft VSO which is then synched back to Microsoft TFS and ServiceNow.