Sharing Stories and Defects between Dev and Test

Pattern name: Dev and Test Collaboration

About this Pattern

This is the most common integration pattern found in software delivery organizations, which integrates testing tools with Agile planning tools. It focuses on improving collaboration between development and test teams and, as a result, improving product quality.

This integration pattern:

  1. Flows stories from Agile planning tools to testing tools. This helps testers plan for the right test coverage and also creates traceability between a story or task to the test cases designed for it.

  2. Flows defects from testing tools to Agile planning tools. Defects logged in testing tools are mirrored and synchronized into the developers’ Agile planning tools, where the developer can work on resolving it. As the developer updates the status of the issue, the status flows back to the originating defect in the testing tool, informing the testing teams when they can proceed to retest it.

Integration Pattern Sharing Stories and Defects between Dev and Test


  • Optimize testing efforts by providing early visibility into stories and tasks.  

  • Improve product quality and speed of defect resolution, by automating the flow of defects between test and dev.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Development Artifacts

Testing Artifacts

  • Stories

  • Tasks

  • Issues

  • Requirements

  • Defects / Bugs

Examples of this Pattern