Sharing Customer Feature Requests with Product

Pattern name: Feature request visibility

About this Pattern

Prospects and existing customers frequently raise requests to your customer-facing teams, including things like product enhancements. This pattern automates the flow of those requests from the business or support teams, working in a CRM like SalesForce or an ITSM tool like ServiceNow, to the product teams. It connects a customer request with a product request, feature or requirement in an Agile Planning tool. It's also possible to flow the request to the tool Product Managers use like a Requirements Management tool. As work on the request progresses, the synchronization ensures business teams have visibility on its progress and can communicate accordingly with their customers.

Integration Pattern Sharing Customer Feature Requests with Product


  • Product teams gain seamless visibility into customer needs without any manual work or correspondence outside CRM.

  • Sales and account teams can manage all the information about the account and opportunity in a single location,

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Operation Artifacts

Design Artifacts

  • Customer Requests

  • Requests

  • Requirements

  • Features