Reporting Known Defects to the Help Desk

Pattern name: Known Defect Reporting

About this Pattern

When a new release of an application is put into production, it is frequently the case that the development team was not able to address all known defects. However, in order to provide excellent service to its customers and to avoid triaging an incident only to discover later that it is a known problem, the help desk must be made aware of these defects.

This integration pattern mirrors defects from developers’ defect tracking systems (often Agile planning tools) directly to the help desk software. Any updates are bi-directionally synchronized. For example, if additional information about the problem is reported to the help desk, this information can augment the defect report. Similarly, if progress is made against fixing the defect, that information is immediately available to the help desk.

Integration Pattern Reporting Known Defects to the Help Desk


  • Customer issues caused by known defects are handled faster.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Development Artifacts

Testing Artifacts

  • Defects

  • Issues

  • Bugs

  • Incidents

  • Tickets

  • Problems