Providing Testers with Early Visibility into Requirements

Pattern name: Test Requirements Visibility

About this Pattern

Including QA and Test teams in the earliest phases of the software delivery lifecycle ensures they have ample time to work on the test cases that will cover the requirements.

This integration patterns mirrors and synchronizes requirements or user stories authored in Requirements Management tools to the testing tools, like Micro Focus ALM, where test plans, test cases and test scripts are created. The test cases can be related to the original requirement, providing the Product teams with visibility into test coverage as testing progresses, if supported.

Integration Pattern Providing Testers with Early Visibility into Requirements


  • Improve product quality by providing QA teams early access to requirements with ample time to plan good test coverage

  • Changes to requirements are seamlessly communicated to the QA teams

  • Product managers and business analysts have visibility into test coverage (completion) for each requirement

  • Traceability is maintained between requirements and their tests, as required in highly regulated industries

Artifacts Typically Synchronized


Testing Artifacts

  • Requirements

  • User Stories

  • Epics

  • Test Cases

Example of this Pattern