Providing Release Visibility and Traceability to Product and Dev

Pattern name: Release visibility 

About this Pattern

Release information appears on a lot of artifact types. In some tools, the release itself is a first class citizen; in others, the release is a field on a work item.

This release pattern makes it easier to designate one tool as the source or 'master' of the release artifact and use synchronization to populate the release artifact to other tools to be consumed there. It mirrors a release created in one tool, for example a Release Orchestration and Automation tool, and synchronizes it (with name, description, start & end dates, status, and other fields) into other tools, e.g. Agile planning tools. As the release progresses, its status is visible in all tools. 

Integration Pattern Providing Release Visibility and Traceability to Product and Dev


  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and human error. Release information is populated automatically from the source to other tools.

  • Create visibility into the release status for practitioners who don't normally use Release Orchestration tools, like product owners, project managers and developers.

  • Create traceability between artifacts and releases by flowing the information through Tasktop Integration Hub's models.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Release Artifacts

Ideation Artifacts

Implementation Artifacts

  • Release

  • Release

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