PMO – Agile Plan Orchestration

Often the Project Management Office (PMO) is a separate organization than the development team. Members of the PMO often use a PPM tool (such as CA PPM, HPE PPM, Planview Enterprise or Targetprocess) to help them manage organizational initiatives and investments in the application portfolio. Yet, the development team tasked with executing against these high-level business themes manage their work in tools such as Agile planning tools.

The development team prefers that the high-level portfolio items or initiatives managed in the PPM tool were mirrored into their Agile planning tool where they can be managed and further decomposed as epics, user stories, tasks and sub-tasks.

As the work progresses, the PMO is keenly interested in how much effort was put forth against these initiatives so they can track the return on investment on this work. Part of this alignment pattern often involves the synchronization of time tracking between the PMO and development. This synchronization is particularly tricky to perform because these organizations measure effort in completely different ways. 

PMO Agile Plan Orchestration

Artifacts typically synchronized:

  • Portfolio items
  • Initiatives
  • Requirements
  • User Stories
  • Epics
  • Tasks
  • Time