Creating Defects from Release Pipeline Failures

Pattern name: Release pipeline defects

About this Pattern

Before releasing software to production, many DevOps tools may be triggered (manually or automatically) triggered to ensure the quality of the code and to prevent destabilizing of a production environment. A good example of that is scanning for security vulnerabilities with a tool like WhiteHat Sentinel or a crash from a tool like New Relic.

This integration pattern takes errors generated by those tools during the release process and automatically creates them as defects in the testing tools or Agile planning tools, so they can be immediately addressed.

Integration Pattern Creating Defects from Release Pipeline Failures


  • Resolve failures faster to minimize impact

  • Improve compliance by providing traceability between defects (e.g., security vulnerabilities) and fixes.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Release Artifacts

Implementation Artifacts

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Failed tests

  • Failed code scan

  • Performance error

  • Defects

  • Bugs

Example of this Pattern