Associating Requirements to Detailed Design

Pattern name: Requirements Detailed Design

About this Pattern

The process of defining and designing a product and its features often spans multiple tools. For example, requirements may be authored in a Requirements Management tool and then elaborated on in a modeling tool, where the customer experience and business processes are fully detailed and supplemented with wireframes, mockups, diagrams and more.

This integration pattern mirrors and synchronizes requirements from a Requirements Management tool into additional tools used for detailed design, like Storyteller or Sparx EA.

Integration Pattern Associating Requirements to Detailed Design


  • Product managers, business analysts and designers collaborate seamlessly to develop comprehensive and clear requirements

  • The relationship between requirements and their detailed designs are fully traceable

Artifacts Typically Synchronized


Detailed Design

  • Requirements

  • User Stories

  • Epics

  • Requirements

  • Use Cases

  • Actors

  • Business Process Diagrams

  • Documents

  • Diagrams

  • Storyboards

  • UI Mockups

Example of this Pattern: