Associating Planning Items to Requirements

Pattern name: Plan Requirements

About this Pattern

Some initiatives or features defined in PPM tools, like Planview or CA PPM, or product roadmapping tools, may actually represent requirements for the product and development teams. Organizations that develop very complex products in heavily regulated industries use Requirements Management tools like Jama, IBM DOORS NG and Polarion ALM for their product specifications.

This integration pattern mirrors the high-level planning items managed in the PPM or roadmapping tool directly into the Requirements Management tool, from which they can be broken down into requirements, user stories or epics.

Integration Pattern Associating Planning Items to Requirements


  • Both parties benefit from a seamless flow of work from the planning teams to product management teams.  

  • In addition, as work progresses, updates flow back upstream providing the portfolio managers with visibility on execution and completion against the plan.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Planning Items

Implementation Artifacts

  • Portfolio items

  • Initiatives

  • Features

  • Requirements

  • Epics

  • Stories

Example of this Pattern: