Associating Planning Items to Implementation Artifacts

Pattern name: Plan implementation

About this Pattern

The Project Management Office (PMO) often uses a PPM tool, such as Planview or CA PPM, to help manage organizational initiatives and investments in the application portfolio. In recent years, product-centric organizations have adopted roadmapping tools for their strategic planning.

At the same time, the product and development teams tasked with executing against these high-level business themes manage their work in Agile planning tools.

This integration pattern mirrors the high-level planning items managed in the PPM or roadmapping tool directly into the Agile planning tool, from which they can be broken down into epics, user stories, tasks and sub-tasks.

Integration Pattern Associating Planning Items to Implementation Artifacts


  • Both parties benefit from a seamless flow of work from the ideation teams to the implementation teams.

  • In addition, as work progresses, updates flow back upstream, providing the portfolio managers with visibility on execution and completion against the plan.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Planning Items

Implementation Artifacts

  • Portfolio items

  • Initiatives

  • Features

  • Epics

  • Stories

  • Tasks

Example of this Pattern