Assigning Hardware Problems to Engineers in PLM

Pattern name: Hardware problem escalation

About this Pattern

When products involve both hardware and software components, escalated help desk issues have to be routed to the appropriate team for resolution. Doing so manually through either duplicate data entry, emails, chats or meetings is inefficient and impacts the speed and quality of the resolution, usually at the customer's expense.

This integration pattern dispatches the issue recorded in a service desk solution (e.g., ServiceNow, BMC Remedy) to the appropriate engineering team. It flows hardware problems to the relevant teams working in a PLM tool (e.g., Aras or Windchill) for investigation and resolution, while software issues can flow as defects to software developers working in Agile Planning Tools. It facilitates the collaboration between the support team and the engineers and creates visibility on how the resolution is progressing. 

Integration Pattern Assigning Hardware Problems to Engineers in PLM


  • Eliminate manual duplicate data entry between two systems of record, to improve efficiency and data integrity.

  • Streamline the ticket resolution processes, while providing transparency to the support engineer as work on the issue progresses.

  • Generate insight into the contributing factors to your true MTTR and identify the bottlenecks slowing down resolution times.

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Service Desk Artifacts PLM Artifacts
  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Ticket
  • Issue
  • Defect