Aligning Developers across Agile Planning Tools

Pattern name: Dev Alignment

About this Pattern

It is not uncommon that within a single company or agency, multiple Agile planning tools are used. This might be due to team preference, legacy tooling, technology needs, or Agile methodology. Whatever the reason, teams still need to collaborate and managers need cross-tool visibility on development activity and performance.

This integration pattern synchronizes implementation artifacts between two or more Agile planning tools. The flow may be fully bi-directional, meaning all artifacts are replicated fully across all tools, or it may be more directed - replicating artifacts from multiple sources into a single tool.

Integration Pattern Aligning Developers across Agile Planning Tools


  • Allows Agile teams to collaborate across tool boundaries

  • Creates full traceability of related work across tools

  • Allows flexibility for each development team to choose the Agile planning tool that best meets their needs

Artifacts Typically Synchronized

Development Artifacts

  • Epics

  • Features

  • Stories

  • Tasks

Example of This Pattern