Running Your Integration(s)


Once you've completed your Work Item Synchronization configuration, it's time to run your integration!

Integration Impacts

(warning) Please be aware that integrations will trigger changes in your end repositories and that misconfiguration can cause items to be duplicated or modified in unexpected ways. Additionally, there is no 'undo' in Hub or the repositories. If you have any questions, please contact support.

Hub does not support deletion of artifacts across repositories. See this FAQ for additional information.

Running your Integration

There are two ways to start or stop your integration:

From the Integration Configuration Screen

Simply click Run to run the integration, and Stop to stop the integration.

Click 'Run'Click 'Stop' 

From the Integrations List Screen

Click Run or Stop next to each integration you would like to update. You can also use the Bulk Actions button to run or stop all integrations.

Run and Stop Integrations from List View

Bulk Actions

Next Steps

You can learn how to view and visualize your integrations here.